Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve – August 30, 2009

Received a tip from Con on Asian Dowitcher at Sungei Buloh Hide 1C. Decided to try my luck this morning. The weather in the early morning was nice, I saw the beautiful sunrise from my car’s rear mirror while driving towards Sungei Buloh. I arrived at Sungei Buloh at about 7:40am. Instead of making a dash to Hide 1C, I decided to turn to the left to check out the mudflat to the left of mainhide. There were quite a number of Common Redshanks, Common Greenshanks, Pacific Golden Plovers, Common Sandpipers and Whimbrels ┬ábut did not see any Asian Dowitcher. After taking a couple photos of Greenshank and redshank, decided to walk towards 1C as the sky start to turn dark and the wind started to blow. Met up with Loong Tat and May at Hide 1C, but nothing much at 1C except a couple of Common Sandpiper and Redshank, most of the waders are at the mainhide. Rain started to pour for about 20 minutes and when the rain stopped we decided to walk back to the main hide. Met a number of birders there, but the star bird was nowhere to be seen.

According to Harry who spotted the bird on Saturday, the 29th at about 4:30pm, it was with a group of Common Redshank and was feeding continuously. I checked through the frock of redshank, but the Asian Dowitcher was nowhere in sight. As rain started to drop again at about 10:30am, decided to packed up and left. A little disappointed that I did not get to see this globally threaten species, hope will have a chance to see it soon.

Some of the shots from this morning:

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