Canon EOS 7D

I have not been this excited about a new camera release from Canon in the last couple of years.  It has been disappointments after disappointments. As an amateur Nature Photographer, there are a couple of features that I look for :

  1. fps – I enjoyed my 1DMK2 8 fps and it let me captured many action shots. I really feel the different particularly at Fruger 2 years ago
  2. crop factor – Although many want a full frame camera, but for me a 1.6x suit me well. AS it gave me 60% longer in reach for free. 🙂
  3. ISO performance – Light is always a challenge for those of us shooting bird in tropical forest. I would like to have a camera that have clean image at ISO1600 and above
  4. AF – This is important for action shots. My 1DMK2 perform really well in this and to certain extend 40D is quite good as well. However, 50D was a disappointment. I skipped 1DMK3 because of all the reported AF issues too.

Out of these 4 key features, I believe EOS 7D has at least the first 2. The last 2 will have to wait until I get my hands on 1. However, based on the review of non-production beta, the ISO at 800 seems clean but 1600 is a little questionable. Considering this is a 18MP camera, I think the noise performance is quite impressive. As to the AF, on paper the 19 cross-point AF should also improve the AF over 50D and possibly 1DMK2 as well. Other notable features include HD Video at 24fps, which is great. I will definitely be using this for feeding or action shots.

I called TK yesterday to book a camera, but they are not taking any pre-order yet as Canon Singapore has not set the retail price yet. I hope I can get one before my Australia trip in early October. One thing for sure, I need to get a few high density CF cards!

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